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Shri Sidh Guru Dev Yantra

Rs. 599.00

Shri Sidh Guru Dev Yantra

Material :- Copper

Size :- 4X4 Inch With Frame

It is always said in Vedas that Yog occurs if there is a change in position of planets in one?s life. These Yogs are curable and can be neutralised with the help of a Yantra. Yantra, a type of machine which has special diagrams on it. It possesses some natural powers which can help anyone astrologically.
There are various types of Yantras according to the Yog, and every Yantra has a different job to perform. Shree Guru Yantra is one of them. According to the Indian mythology, Guru is the teacher of gods. Guru means Jupiter. It is said that if the Jupiter is stronger in your natal chart then the person has capability and capacity of knowledge in his life.
Saints have always advised that Jupiter should be worshipped with full devotion. With the affection of Jupiter, a person can lead a prosperous and happy life. According to astrologers, the life span of Jupiter can last for 16 years.
How to Establish the Yantra?Jupiter symbolises the wealth, power, rank and intelligence. This Yantra can be used to make Jupiter stronger in people?s horoscope.
As it is the most positive planets in all, it brings the positivity in your life and makes your life calm and stable. This Yantra should be established to worship Lord Jupiter with full devotion and should be kept on New Moon day or Thursday morning between 5:30 and 6:30 am in your worship place or temple.
With full devotion, the Mantra should be chanted to attain stability and prosperity in life. Jupiter shows the right path in life and fulfils the wishes of people.