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Free shipping on all orders value & UP TO 10% Off On Prepaid Order (Order Above ₹1000)

Shree Vastu Shanti Yantra

Rs. 499.00

Shree Vastu Shanti Yantra With Frame

Size :- 4 Inch With Frame.

Make :- Made In Copper.

Shree Vastu Shanti Yantra/Vastu Dosh Shanti Yantra (श्री वास्तु शांति यंत्र) :- Originates from Sanskrit language where Vastu means the basic architecture of the building. The word Shastra can be translated as the science. So Vastu Shastra indicates the science of location. Many Indian astrologers believe that a person suffers auspicious or inauspicious effects coming from 80% of his residence and domicile of the surrounding environment. This relationship can be a metaphor: a person’s home is like a seed. If the seed is planted properly is able to grow very well, while the house is properly built is able to produce better effects. The Shree Vastu Shanti Yantra not only helps to cure all inherent Vastu faults and remove their ill-effects. But also generates the positive & benefice effects of Vastu.

The architecture of a building is known as its “Vastu” in Sanskrit. The Shree Vastu Shanti Yantra is one that is use for a specific purpose – to ensure the physical and mental peace of the inhabitants of a household and generally emit positive energy in the house. Yantras can be simply explain as geometric representations of a Mantra. When a Yantra is worship, the effect of the Mantra becomes even more intensified, and the results achieves are much faster and more desirable. Yantras are available in many kinds – for specific purposes such as to combat a certain issue, for particular deities. According to the native’s horoscope, and so on. It is also to be kept in mind that any Yantra works with faith and constant belief.

The concept of the Shree Vastu Shanti Yantra is based on Vastu or the architecture of a building- be it an independent house or a small apartment. The Vastu Shastra, which has its roots in Sanskrit scriptures, works on the basis that the balance of nature should not be disturb. It is more of a scientific practice. In fact, while constructing a building, it is very important to take into account the energies. That are in circulation around the building And which would permeate into the house or the apartment when the construction is finish. So, ideally buildings should be construct in accordance with Vastu Shastra. The Shree Vastu Shanti Yantra is an affordable alternative to Vastu Shanti Pooja rituals which are more expensive.

But both essentially have the same effect – purifying the atmosphere in and around the house, by balancing the energies. If there are negative energies arising from lack of adherence to the Vastu Shastra, or. Negative vibes emanating from ill-intention of others. Disturbing the peace of the household. Praying with the Vastu Dosh Shanti Yantra daily remedies these problems, and if the Vastu of the house is already alright. It can be improve further by worshiping this Yantra.

Shree Vastu Shanti Yantra Benefits:

Vastu Dosh Shanti Yantra not only helps in emanating positive energy in and around the building but also gets rid of all the negative energies and “Dosha” or ill-effects that the building may have that affect its inhabitants. The Shree Vastu Shanti Yantra often creates a ripple effect of positive energy by purifying the atmosphere within the house.

In turn, the inhabitants are also infuses with positive energy. The effect of the malefic position of a native’s planet is also counter by the positive effects of the Shree Vastu Shanti Yantra. Once established, the Yantra works to protect the house against all that is negative and only lets in positive vibes. All obstacles and dangers that may befall the native on his path to success are also remove. Thus, the Shree Vastu Shanti Yantra ensures the general prosperity, success, and good health and fortune of the inhabitants.