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Shree Siddh Mangaldev Yantra

Rs. 449.00

Shree Siddh Mangaldev Yantra With Frame

Size :- 4 Inch

The Planet Mars is known as Mangal, Angaraka, and Kuja.

These names in Sanskrit mean, "auspicious, burning coal, and the fair one".

Mars is a malefic planet. He rules over the two sidereal signs of Aries and Scorpio.

He is exalted in Capricorn - 28 degrees and fallen in the opposite sign of Cancer - 28 degrees. Mars is often depicted as a God with a red body exemplifying the natural color of the astronomical body in the sky.

Mangal / Mars is a karaka, or indicator, of brother and siblings, assertion, aggressiveness, soldiers and military endeavors, mechanical ability, engineers and surgeons, commanders and rulers, accidents, violence and war, ambition, strength, arguments and conflict, passion and desire.