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Free shipping on all orders value & UP TO 10% Off On Prepaid Order (Order Above ₹1000)

Shree Dakshin Kali Pujan Yantra Copper

Rs. 599.00

Shree Dakshin Kali Pujan Yantra

Metirial :- Copper

Size :- 4X4 With Frame

Maa Kali is the first Mahavidya for she represents the power of consciousness in its highest form. She is the ultimate reality, represening that the power of consciousness and consciousness itself are one and the same. She wears a necklace of demon heads. She is the embodiment of shakti, budhi, riddhi and siddhi. With her lower right hand the four-armed Dakshinakali displays the varadamudra, the gesture of boon-giving. Her upper right hand makes the abhayamudra, reassuring us to have no fear. The upper left hand wields the bloodied sword of knowledge. She holds a freshly severed head of a demon in her lower left hand representing the human ego—the small, our limitation.
When Ego is eliminated, awareness expands to infinity. We become one with the Divine and are liberated. Her nakedness signifies her limitlessness. Nothing can contain her. Her loose, flowing hair also represents freedom from social convention, from all the conditioning. Our true nature is unconditioned consciousness—Nirguna Chaitanya. The skirt of severed human arms that circles her waist represents her power to cut through the bonds of karma. The Rundamala around her neck reminds us that all created things pass away.
Change is not possible except for time, and Kali is also time, the relentless devourer that in the end swallows up all things. She represents supreme non-duality (Advaita), for she is none other than Brahman. adi shakti para shakti . who eats brahman for breakfast. At the same time, the duality of this world is nothing other than her own expression. From the Absolute to the relative and from the relative to the Absolute, Kali represents the power of transformation. She is the Eternal Mother. She represents the cosmos in totality. the singularity, represented as the sindoor women wear the seat of consciousness. Sri Dakshina Kalika Maha Yantra bestows on the sadhaka the fulfilment of desires, wealth and the comforts.