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Pure Silver Shree kuber Yantra

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Lord Kuber The Lord of Wealth also known as Kuber. In scriptures, He was a stepbrother of Ravana, and the ruler of Lanka but Ravan vanquished him and thrown out of Lanka after that he went to the Himalayas and settled in the city called Alaka. The city of glory and splendors. Goddess Laxmi made him custodian of wealth. Silver Kuber Yantra attracts the principle of Lord Kuber and chanting mantra of Kuber blesses the worshipper with wealth and prosperity.

Silver Kuber Yantra is extremely effective for financial prosperity and worshipping regularly by showing the various ways of increasing wealth. The person worshipping the Silver Kuber Yantra will never face any financial and material problems and any shortage of resources. Wherever It kept like the cash box, temple, sacred place of home, or office and thus keeps the protection of funds. So Keeping and worshipping the Silver Kuber  Yantra will help to grow in your professional and career life.

  • II Om Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Viteshwaray Namah II
  • II Om Yakshay Kuberay Vaishravanay Dhanadhanya Dhipataye II
Placement of Kuber Yantra

Silver Kuber Yantra can be installed in Puja Altars and Mandir, Treasure boxes, and Prayer places. Yantra can be best placed in East direction facing west and keeping this way gets energies of Sun through rays and also positive vibration of east direction.

Pooja Guidelines
  • With a Purified mind after taking bath with a Focused and Positive mind start the Prayer.
  • Light Incense Stick or Diya.
  • Place yantra alongside your Ishtdev or deity of the Goddess Laxmi.
  • Offer Fresh Fruit and Flower to the Yantra.
  • Sprinkle Water on yourself and Yantra.
  • Close Your eyes, Chant Mantra at least 21 times and concentrate on Goddess Laxmi or Isht Dev for blessings and ask God to fulfill desires