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Free shipping on all orders value & UP TO 10% Off On Prepaid Order (Order Above ₹1000)

Navgrah Pyramid Yantra

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Navgraha Pyramid/Navgrah Chakra Pyramid (नवग्रह पिरामिड) : The Navagraha pyramid has a lot of energy, so if a tired man sits near the pyramid for some time or in a pyramid-shaped place such as a temple, then his tiredness gets removed and the pyramid generated vibrations of the mind. The 9-pyramid is a spiritual representation of the heavenly bodies that are deemed to impact people’s lives. According to Vaastu, many problems can be got rid of by putting a Navagraha pyramid in the house. Pyramid one should keep in the house to remove Vaastu defects and increase concentration. According to Vaastu, a Navagraha pyramid if anyone place in the north direction, one can consider it helpful in bringing wealth and economic fulfillment.

Navgraha Pyramid made in the nine planets (Nav Graha) placed on it. The cosmic energy we receive from these Pyramids contains different energies coming out from distinct Grahas. Each Graha brings a specific energy, which influences person in a precise manner. Thus, nine planets are sources of universal energy. You can easily use the Navagraha pyramid in the house, working area or office to control negative effector evil effects on the house. -Navgraha Pyramid

it will surely remove all kinds of problems and obstacles from the native life. This powerful Navgraha Pyramid has the recommendation for all, chiefly for those, who are under the influence of malefic planets. Navgraha Pyramid has also recommendation to worship every day. However, this guarantees that you always get huge profits from your planets.

Navgraha Pyramid Benefits:
  • Navagraha pyramid pacifies malefic planets.
  • This pyramid tool removes obstacles in professional and personal life.
  • Navagraha pyramid blesses us with prosperity, good health, harmony and success in all spheres.
  • It removes all Vaastu Doshas.
  • Navgraha Pyramid recommends for those who are facing delays, obstacles, struggles or losses. Moreover, having disharmony in their family or career/business life.
  • Navgrah Chakra Pyramid can increase the beneficial influence of your planets. This product is superior as it works on all planets at once in a mutually harmonious fashion. Moreover, this is the key reason that usage of this product does not require any deep analysis of your Birth Chart.