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Free Shipping ( Order Above ₹2000) & 10% Off On UPI Payment (Order Above ₹1000)

Tortoise/Kachua Plate for Good Luck Tortoise Plate

Rs. 199.00
  • The Turtoise or the Kachua represents the maximum age and longevity, stability, determination and will power

  • Turtle Tortoise Plate for Good Luck

  • Representation of protection, riches, healthiness and success

  • Best Gift for Career and GoodLuck

 Feng Shui has proven itself as an essential guide to life to its many believers and practitioners for hundreds of years. Originating from traditional Chinese customs, Feng Shui has brilliantly been adapted into the modern setting, helping millions of families gain good health, fortune, and luck. For families that want to harness the strong and beneficial flow of chi, one of the most highly recommended Feng Shui remedies is the Feng Shui tortoise. The tortoise holds the position of north, as it also protects the north quadrant. It represents winter and its element is water. The Feng Shui tortoise holds a great significance in longevity, stability, support, and good health. The Feng Shui remedies associated with the tortoise are also aimed for protection and good fortune. How and where the Feng Shui tortoise is placed can give many benefits for health and in the home. In the realm of business and careers, the Feng Shui tortoise is to be placed in the north corner of the living room, dining room, or office. This provides good fortune and stability. To be able to harness the good chi for long life and perfect health, the Place this brass tortoise in brass plate containing water and replace water daily. Above suggestions are based on chinese feng shui /vastu mythology