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Free Shipping ( Order Above ₹2000) & 10% Off On UPI Payment (Order Above ₹1000)

Brass Ganesh Statue

Rs. 999.00

Brass Ganesh Statue

Hight Approx. :- 8 CM

Brass Ganesh Idol/Brass Ganesh Statue : Lord Ganesha, the God of happiness, prosperity and good health, is considered one of the most auspicious of all Indian deities. Indian tradition lays a lot of emphasis on worshiping Lord Ganesha, especially before every auspicious event. However, many homeowners often forget the tradition of placing Lord Ganesha’s idol at home and more importantly at the right place. The right idol placed correctly attracts an abundance of wealth, good health and removes all obstacles.-Brass Ganesh Statue

Vastu experts prescribe placing Lord Ganesha’s idol either in the west, north-east or north direction. Never let the idol face south because it can do more harm than good. It should never be near a washroom, toilet or against a wall attached to it. A vision of Lord Ganesha opposite your main entrance wards off all evil from your home.- Brass Ganesh Murti