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Free shipping on all orders value & UP TO 10% Off On Prepaid Order (Order Above ₹1000)

8 Petal swastik Lotus in Brass

Rs. 599.00

The Swastik symbol is known and accepted globally for its piousness. In Hinduism, Swastik means ‘fortune’ and is considered one of the most auspicious signs . It is a symbol of peace , prosperity, good luck, protection from evil eye. The Swastik proves its significance in Vastu Shastra as well. The symbol is used in almost all Hindu pujas & is drawn on entrance doors, account books etc during auspicious occasions. As per Sanskrit grammar, the literal meaning of the term Swastika would be 'let goodness-prevail'. It is considered the symbol of Lord Ganesha.

The Lotus is considered a Divine flower by the Hindus and is the sign of prosperity and abundance. Goddess Laxmi sits on a Lotus and many Hindu Gods and Goddesses are seen holding a Lotus flower in their hand.

This 8 Petal Swastik Lotus is made in brass and ushers in the collective energetic attributes of the Swastik Symbol and the Lotus flower. The Swastik we see on the 8 petal Lotus, is a right-hand Swastik, which is also said to be the symbol of the powerful Sun and Surya Devta (Sun God).

This auspicious 8 Petal Swastik Lotus in brass can be kept at home, office, shops. It is a thoughtful gift idea for anyone you wish well.

Hight :- 5.5 inch Approx.

Width :- 5.5 inch Approx.

Weight :- 250 gm Approx.