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Plain Copper Pyramid Vastu

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Copper Pyramid Vastu

Plain Copper Pyramid Vastu is a geometric amplifier that increases the power of prayer or strengthens the spiritual request of a religious devote. It has been proven that a pyramid regenerates the natural flow of energy circulation in the body, strengthens the power of intention, and harmonizes the environment. By charging it up with thoughtform, it will be manifested. Vastu pyramid Yantra a powerful universal Instrument to remove all the Vastudosh for the growth of life, business, and success of the place where Pyramid Yantra is placed.

Keeping a plain copper pyramid in the house increases the income of the members of the house and maintains prosperity. Place the pyramid in the place where the members of the house spend the most time. Copper Pyramid recommended keeping at their office, shop, showroom, home, or workplace for every person worried and disturbed about wealth and money-related problems. Also, it is for removing obstacles, the attraction of fortune, and luck.

Plain copper Pyramid Yantra brings success, fame, and improvements, profits, and wealth. It protects the devotee’s place from negative energies. It saves from bad vibes coming from all around, By the blessings of all auspicious yantras. Removes all daily tensions, problems, obstacles coming in the way of the devotee’s success. Yantra Vastu Shastra involves even the smallest things that can have an impact on your life.

Size :- 2/3/4 Inch

Benefits of Copper Pyramid Vastu

The Pyramids of Giza are generators of a lot of energy in themselves; that`s why anyone meditates by sitting near or under the pyramid for some time, such as a temple. It removes mediators’ tiredness, and the pyramid generates vibrations of the mind. Giving a new power increases concentration.

Copper Pyramid increases the energy of any area 108 times by Keeping a pyramid with yantra in house, office, or digging in the earth in silver, brass, or copper pyramid. Still, if you cannot buy such an expensive pyramid, you can also keep a pyramid made of wood, but never keep a pyramid of iron, aluminum, or plastic. Also, please do not put a picture of the pyramid, as it will not help.

High Quality and Effective Pure Copper Pyramid for Vastu remedies of home and office. Pyramid for wealth used as a remedy for Vastu defects, and the Wealth pyramid yantra benefits that Vastu dosh defects have removed from the home or office.

Vastu Consultants can correct Vastu defects of places with a missing corner or inauspicious door direction through this pyramid. Copper Pyramid used to correct Vastu defects related to toilets.

The pyramid has a lot of energy in itself, so if a tired man sits near the pyramid for some time or in a pyramid-shaped place such as a temple, then his tiredness gets removed and the pyramid generated vibrations of the mind. And by giving the body a new power, it increases concentration.

Placement of Plain Copper Pyramid Vastu
Copper Pyramid should place yantra in Puja Altars and temple, Treasure Boxes, and Prayer Place. Best placed in the East direction facing west. And keeping this way get energies from sun rays and also positive vibration of east direction.

Pooja Guidelines
With a Purified mind, after taking a bath with a Focused and Positive mind, start the Prayers.
Light Incense Stick or Diya.
Place yantra alongside your Ishtdev or God Vastu Devta.
Offer Fresh Fruit and Flower to the Yantra.
Sprinkle Water on yourself and Yantra.
Close Your eyes, Chant Mantra, at least 21 times, concentrate on Isht Dev for blessings, and ask God to fulfill desires.

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Copper pyramid

Just bought a copper pyramid from parth pooja they are very Customer friendly.. the product is of amazing quality