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Basement Vastu: Everything You Need To Know

Basement Vastu: Everything You Need To Know

To create a joyful home, we should focus on each element in the house. By building your home in a way that follows Vastu principles strictly from cellar to terrace, you will have a Vastu-compliant home. Space constraint in our home can be prevented by using as much space as possible. While Vastu Shastra does not recommend having a basement under the house, since it is a necessity, we can use a few Vastu basement tips. You can live a joyous life using Vastu for your basement.

We are surrounded by energy at all times, so the basement cannot be immune to it. Energy can be positive or negative. If your home has a Vastu flaw, the energy will behave negatively, but a Vastu-compliant home will sculpt the energy to be good. Any Vastu Dosh disrupts energy flow and has bad consequences. We can preserve this energy in its positive form by correcting these Vastu flaws.

The energy movement is explained in a straightforward manner by Saral Vaastu, a reputable Vastu consultant. The energy that surrounds us is called cosmic energy. There are specific directions in which this energy is directed. Any blockage in the flow can cause a variety of issues in one's life, including health, wealth, career, business, work, marriage, and relationships. We must ensure that energy only flows in one direction in order to prevent this. When we follow our preferred path, we do this. "Every individual has four favourable orientations and four negative orientations based on their date of birth," Guruji explains.

Three life-changing principles of Saral Vaastu can assist in balancing this energy. These concepts suggest that a house's energy can be balanced in three steps, from the basement to the terrace. The three steps are:

  • Using Directions to Connect with Cosmic Energy (Favorable Direction)
  • (Right Structure) Structure helps balance cosmic energy
  • A chakra can be used to channel cosmic energy (Activated Chakra)

Here are a few general Basement Vastu recommendations for keeping negative energy out of a house while it's being built:

  • Basements are best built on the north and east sides of the home.
  • There should be more open space in the north and east than in the west and south.
  • Vastu states that a basement should not be used for living or residential purposes, so use it for something else.
  • According to Vastu, a basement should only be built beneath a portion of the house, not the whole structure.
  • Vastu principles should be followed when designing basement interiors.
  • Basements are only suitable for use as storage or offices.
  • Storage of heavy furniture should be done in the basement's south and west sections.
  • Make sure your basement has a consistent shape, like a square or rectangle.
  • A basement with an irregular shape causes financial and health problems.
  • The location of the water tank in the basement should be North-East, North-West, East, or North.
  • If the water tank is not installed according to these guidelines, the owner will suffer health and financial consequences.
  • Keep bright things facing north-east at all times. Place no heavy items in this direction.

We can remove the Vastu faults of the basement with these Vastu recommendations for basement and bring success, prosperity, and pleasure into our lives. You can visit our Saral Vaastu specialists for more effective and exclusive Vastu suggestions based on your date of birth.

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