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Free Shipping ( Order Above ₹2000) & 10% Off On UPI Payment (Order Above ₹1000)
Free Shipping ( Order Above ₹2000) & 10% Off On UPI Payment (Order Above ₹1000)

Copper Pyramid Wealth Yantra – 2 Inches

Rs. 549.00
  • Auspiciously made in pure copper from the perfect Vedic Diagrams.
  • The Yantra will be Blessed and Energised before dispatch.
  • P
  • owerful Union of Four Powerful Vastudosha Nivaran Yantras.
  • A pyramid increases the power of any area by 108 times.
  • The powerful combination of Shree Yantra, Ganesha Yantra, Kuber Yantra, and Mahalaxmi Yantra.
  •                                        Copper Pyramid Wealth Yantra

    Copper Pyramid Wealth Yantra is a powerful union of the universal Instrument to remove all the Vaastudosh for the growth of life, business, and success of the place where Pyramid Yantra is placed. Copper Pyramid Wealth Yantra is considered for the combined worship of Shree Yantra, Ganesha Yantra, Kubera Yantra, and Vishnu Yantra. Copper Wealth Pyramid Yantra is recommended to keep at their office, shop, showroom, home, or workplace for every person who is worried and disturbed about wealth and money-related problems.

    It is for removing obstacles, the attraction of fortune, and luck. Copper wealth Pyramid Yantra brings success, fame, and improvements, profits, and wealth. It protects the devotee’s place from negative energies. It saves from bad vibes coming from all around, By the blessings of all auspicious yantras. Removes all daily tensions, problems, obstacles coming in the way of the devotee’s success. Yantra Vastu Shastra involves even the smallest things that can have an impact on your life.

  • Placement of Copper Pyramid Wealth Yantra

    Yantra can be Placed in Puja Altars and temple, Treasure Boxes, and Prayer Place. Best placed in the East direction facing west. And keeping this way get energies from sun rays and also positive vibration of east direction.

  • The pyramid is a generator of a lot of energy in itself. That`s why anyone meditates by sitting near or under the pyramid for some time, such as a temple. It removes mediators’ tiredness, and the pyramid generates vibrations of the mind. Giving a new power increases concentration.