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Free shipping on all orders value & UP TO 10% Off On Prepaid Order (Order Above ₹1000)

Citrine, Golden Pyrite & Green Aventurine Bracelet

Rs. 599.00
Citrine Pyrite & Green Aventurine Bracelet - Multi Beads
This bracelet combines the benefits of a citrine crystal bracelet, pyrite bracelet and a green aventurine bracelet, to bring Luck, Abundance, Growth, Wealth and Confidence.
  • Citrine is a stone of warm energy and brings optimism. It brings professional and career growth and works on material abundance. It is known as the manifestation stone and clears any negativity without absorbing it.
  • Green Aventurine is known as the stone of luck and opportunities. it brings abundance and growth in professional and personal areas of life. It helps calm emotions and is a heart chakra stone, and brings luck in love as well.
  • A stone of prosperity and wealth, Pyrite is also known as fool's gold because it was mistaken for gold by miners. Having it around gives you the strength and determination to take on a challenging task. It enhances protective and male energies in both men and women.
  • Who can use this crystal bracelet?
  • People looking for professional growth, name and fame.
  • Those who wish to manifest abundance and wealth.

How to use this crystal bracelet?

  • Hold the bracelet in your palm after cleansing and charging them.
  • Intend that it should work for you in whatever area you wish to take their help in.
  • Wear this preferably on your non-dominant hand.

How to cleanse this crystal bracelet?

  • Even though all our crystals are washed and cleansed before we ship them out to you, it would be best if you wash them in cold running water when you receive them. Holding them under a tap is best.
  • Use sage, moonlight or any of the other cleansing methods.

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